Friday, 28 October 2011

QPR players to decide Taarabt's fate

Adel Taarabt Image 3

ADEL Taarabt could be fined for petulant behaviour in the future – but QPR boss Neil Warnock will let his squad decide how much.
In the week dominated by the John Terry-Anton Ferdinand saga, the other major talking point was Taarabt’s peevish reaction to being substituted during Sunday’s 1-0 win over Chelsea, and comments insisting a move to Paris St German is still on in January.
Warnock’s patience with the mercurial talent set to face old club Spurs on Sunday has already been stretched to the limit. But the manager revealed he has never fined the player, although there are plenty who now can.
“There used to be no code of conduct until this season,” the manager explained. “Everything of that sort was done on a willy-nilly basis.
“But the senior players went away, drew up their own list, and if they want to fine Adel, they can.”
The manager actually increased penalties on a few points, and gave a glimpse to the code when he revealed anyone daft enough to wear an earring on the training pitch is going to be £50 lighter.
Warnock added: “Players would never fine each other as much as a manager, so I’ve added a bit more here and there.
“But as regards him wanting away, Adel can go. He knows that. And personally, I’ve no got no problem with him showing he’s unhappy.
"But if he ever gesticulates in a manner that would not sit favourably with fans, players or management – then he’s in for it.”

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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Neil Warnock takes issue with Joey Barton's comments on Adel Taarabt

Adel Taarabt of QPR

The Queens Park Rangers manager Neil Warnock believes Joey Barton's comments about team-mate Adel Taarabt were a "little bit out of order" and will speak to his captain about them.
After Saturday's 1-1 draw with Blackburn, Barton told Absolute Radio that the Morocco international needed to buck up his ideas. The former Newcastle midfielder also admitted he has yet to see Taarabt's so-called "genius", all of which Warnock feels was a bit harsh.
"What he is saying about Adel I think is a little bit out of order," he told ESPN's Between the Lines. "I think there is one or two lads in the team at the moment that could do better so sometimes you look elsewhere.
"If he wants Adel to chase about and tackle and run, he is never going to be able to do that."
Asked if it was Barton's place to make such comments, Warnock retorted: "I've not spoken to him. You're just telling me what has been said. I'll probably have a chat with him [today] and see what he actually said."
QPR face a tough run of fixtures starting with a west London derby against Chelsea at Loftus Road this Sunday. They then face a trip to Tottenham before welcoming Manchester City, against whom Warnock believes Taarabt could prove the difference.
"If you looked at what Adel is not good at, you wouldn't touch him with a barge pole," he said. "You've got to look at what he is good at and we would not be where we are now without him, without me looking at what he is good at.
"Yes, he might not be able to crack it in the Premier League. Even Adel doesn't know that yet. He is only a young lad. You forget he is a young kid really.
"I think he is trying very, very hard at the moment and the next few games will be interesting. I think when you're playing the top clubs you need that something special to win you games.
"We've missed his contribution goal-wise and hopefully, if Joey plays really well and some of the other lads play really well, the opportunities for Adel will come."
He added: "If Adel gets an opportunity and plays well he is an asset to anybody in that league. Yes, he has not scored in the Premier League yet, he has not set the world alight but he has had opportunities and I think [he will continue to do so]."

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Taarabt can leave Loftus Road if he wants to go, claims QPR boss Warnock

QPR manager Neil Warnock has told Adel Taarabt and the rest of his squad that they are free to leave the club if they want to. 
Rangers have had to deal with speculation linking clubs with moves for their star players since their promotion to the Barclays Premier League, with talisman Taarabt the main subject of such reports. 
The midfielder allegedly fuelled the flames further while on international duty with Morocco, with reports emerging that he told the media he wanted to leave QPR in January for financial reasons. 
Paris match? Adel Taarabt (right) has been linked with a move to PSG
Paris match? Adel Taarabt (right) has been linked with a move to PSG
Warnock has taken the comments 'with a pinch of salt' but admitted that Taarabt, like the rest of his squad, was free to leave the west Londoners if he so desired. 
'He has not said anything to me [about wanting to leave],' Warnock said, speaking ahead of Saturday's clash with Blackburn. 'I do take it with a pinch of salt when they go abroad [and reports come out]. 
'It is only six weeks since Adel said he would never play for his country again and then he scores a goal and kisses the coach. That's Adel. You take everything with a pinch of a salt. 
'My message is the same with every player at the club, not just Adel. If a player wants to leave, he can leave. I've never had a problem with that.
Calling Adel's bluff? Neil Warnock (left)
Calling Adel's bluff? Neil Warnock (left)
'But for all the talk of the offers we had, I never saw an allegedly massive offer from Paris St Germain. I know what they offered and by the time we paid Tottenham [their share of the deal] we would have been left with peanuts. 
'I think it is just in his court, really. If he wants to get the move that allegedly he has talked about, the best way of doing that is playing well.'
As well as being the subject of reports during the international break, Taarabt took up a large chunk of column inches in the aftermath of QPR's 6-0 defeat at Fulham. 
The 22-year-old reportedly stormed out of Craven Cottage after being replaced at half-time and came face to face with his manager for the first time since the match. 
While admitting words with Taarabt were needed, Warnock rejected the notion that he was contradicting himself by protecting the midfielder after recent criticism of Manchester City's Carlos Tevez. 
'I think that is between me and him now,' he said. 'I am going to speak to him today and that's how it goes. 
'I think if you have ever sat in Fulham's dressing room and you are 3-0 down at half-time, I don't think I'd want to stay there if I am honest. 
Storm: The Moroccan walked out at half-time of the 6-0 defeat at Fulham
Storm: The Moroccan (centre) walked out at half-time of the 6-0 defeat at Fulham
'He has just got to realise that when you are in the spotlight like we all are you have to think a little bit further than the instant reaction. 
'I wouldn't put Adel in the same [category] as Tevez, although I think he wishes he is on his money.'
Meanwhile, QPR have confirmed that Patrick Agyemang has joined Millwall on a one-month loan deal.
The 31-year-old striker moves to The Den after he was left out of Rangers' 25-man Premier League squad. 
Agyemang started two of QPR's first three league matches this season but summer signings such as DJ Campbell, Jay Bothroyd, Shaun Wright-Phillips and Jason Puncheon have since pushed him well down the pecking order at Loftus Road. 

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Adel Taarabt doesn't worry Neil Warnock

Adel Taarabt

Neil Warnock said today Adel Taarabt can carry on being a law unto himself. The Queens Park Rangers manager gave his backing despite the forward's walk out after being substituted during the 6-0 thrashing by Fulham 11 days ago.
After storming out of Craven Cottage, Taarabt, still dressed in a QPR tracksuit, caught the bus home to the astonishment of fans waiting at the bus stop.
Warnock plans to speak with Taarabt today on his return from international duty in Marrakech, where he scored in a 3-1 win over Tanzania to help Moroccoreach the finals of the African Cup of Nations.
Ahead of that meeting the manager said: "I just think the lads here know what Adel is. I don't think anybody else can be like that. Adel is Adel and we'll accept what he is. Sometimes you don't realise what you've got until you lose it and you should be careful what you wish for."
Taarabt has been quoted as saying that he would have to leave in January because of finance but Warnock is not reading too much into those comments.
The manager said: "It will be very interesting to see where he is in five years. I have my own ideas. But he doesn't affect our spirit - it would do if it was only a Joe Bloggs. But all the group that have built up in the last 18 months accept him for what he is.
"I take that quote about him wanting to leave with a pinch of salt. It's only six weeks since Adel said he'd never play for his country again. Now he's scored a goal for Morocco and kisses the coach! That's Adel - you take everything with a pinch of salt."
Taarabt was key in QPR's Championship-winning campaign last season but there were reports over the summer of a link with Paris St-Germain, who are now bankrolled by the Qatar Investment Authority.
"If he wants to leave, he can leave. I've never had a problem with that, concerning players," added Warnock, whose side host Blackburn in the Premier League on Saturday.
"But all the talk of offers we've had, I never saw a serious one from PSG in Franceand with what we would have had to pay Tottenham, we'd have been left with peanuts."

Monday, 10 October 2011

Taarabt happy with return

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Queens Park Rangers star Adel Taarabt revealed his delighted after helping Morocco to the African Cup of Nations on his international return.
Taarabt had been at loggerheads with coach Eric Gerets, but he was recalled for their clash with Tanzania.
And on his return he fired home a brilliant free-kick in their 3-1 win - which booked their spot in next year's finals.
"I am very happy," Taarabt told
"You saw how I celebrated the goal with coach Eric Gerets, who has been very understanding with me.
"I dedicate that goal to him, he gave me another chance to show my worth to my country and I am very proud of that."
Taarabt now feels Morocco have a great chance of winning in Equatorial Guinea and Gabon, especially as the likes of Egypt, Cameroon, Nigeria, South Africa and Algeria all failing to qualify.
"We are going to the competition [ACN] with confidence with so many big teams absent I think we have a great chance," said Taaraby.
"The only outstanding team there is Ghana, the Ivory Coast have the outstanding individuals, on their day they will beat each one of us, but we have our chances."

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Warnock - Taarabt no problem

Image text here
Neil Warnock has defended Adel Taarabt following the playmaker's reaction to his half-time substitution in Queens Park Rangers' heavy 6-0 defeat to Fulham on Sunday.
Taarabt was reportedly photographed leaving Craven Cottage at the interval after he was substituted, although the Moroccan has told Sky Sports News that was not the case.
QPR boss Warnock has also denied allegations that the pair argued, insisting he was not bothered by Taarabt's behaviour.
Warnock told The Independent: "It doesn't bother me. The dressing rooms at Craven Cottage are in one corner of the ground, the bench is on the halfway line on the far side of the pitch. I'm not going to insist he walks 60 yards just to sit and watch us lose."
Rangers were already 3-0 down before the manager sacrificed both Taarabt and Shaun Derry in a bid to plug his leaking defence.
"At half-time I was more concerned with my defence," continued Warnock. "I said: 'Dessie, you're off, and you are as well Adel.' That was it.
"People talk about him storming off. I didn't even know he'd gone. And he certainly didn't go to the pub for a pint as some have reported - he's a Muslim and doesn't drink.
"They want to be careful he doesn't sue them for saying that."
Meanwhile, fellow substitute Derry stayed to watch the remainder of the match with Warnock highlighting Taarabt's temperamental track record.
"They are different people" added Warnock. "Adel is young and emotional. He does these things.
"Last year he said he'd never play for Morocco again after he was made substitute in a game. Guess where he is now? Heading for Morocco to play for them.
"I'll see him at training when we get back and, with the rest of the team, we'll start preparing for the next match at Blackburn. My main concern at the moment is which defenders we'll have fit and available, not Adel.
"You're going to get days when Adel throws his toys out of the pram, that isn't a worry for me, I'd have more problem if someone was happy being subbed."

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Warnock: Taarabt needs help from QPR team-mates to seal move to big club

Adel Taarabt Image 3

ADEL Taarabt will need the current crop of QPR players if he wants a move to a big club – says the man who doesn’t want to sell him.
Boss Neil Warnock insists the £12million rated midfielder will stay for the time being – he’s enjoying it too much at Loftus Road – but he can see the day when the player does leave.
“Adel’s knows that if he wants a move to one of the top clubs, he’s going to need these players to give him a stage,” said Warnock.
“There was a time when he was very much the shining light here but he knows that’s not the case now, and I think he has got a lift by having these other players and has reacted to it.”
The Moroccan international was on the cusp of a switch to Paris St Germain in the summer. He has now been linked with Lazio this week, but Warnock also insists other unsung heroes are just as ready to plunder the club’s third away win at Fulham on Sunday.
“No-one mentions Anton Ferdinand here as one of our top players,” he added.
"I don’t think see anybody better than him in the country, when he plays like he can play. Luke Young is just as good and I’m glad he’s retired from international football.
“Such is the enthusiasm, it’s like chucking two coats down in the park – they want to play that much.
"You can’t say Joey Barton does it for money – he’s got enough already. And what was right-back Luke Young doing on the goal line in the last minute against Villa? I find it incredible no-one mentioned that. It’s because he wants to win.
“It takes you years to find that kind of spirit. We had that spirit here already, and the arrival of our new players has taken it on another level.”

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Wizard Taarabt left Martin Jol spellbound


Martin Jol fell under the spell of QPR midfielder Adel Taarabt so totally that he tried to sign him three times.

The Dutchman was in charge of ­Tottenham when they brought the man known as ‘The Wizard’ to England as a temperamental teenager.

Jol was so impressed with the Moroccan’s talents that following his north London exit, he tried to take him to two other clubs.

Only Spurs’ hefty price-tag prevented 22-year-old Taarabt from teaming up with Jol twice more.

They come face-to-face today with Jol fearing the man who once saved his skin. He explained: “Damien Camolli recommended him but I knew about him and wanted to sign him for Spurs. He was a gamble and unfortunately didn’t break through.

“After I went abroad I tried to sign him at Ajax and with Hamburg but they ­wanted too much for him – or maybe I just wanted him on the cheap. He never played 90 ­minutes in the first team at Tottenham but he saved our necks against West Ham when we beat them 4-3 in the League Cup.

“He came on and nutmegged somebody, as he likes to, and won a free-kick that Berbatov scored to make it 3-3. Paul Stalteri scored the winner.”

Such talent is what made Neil Warnock take Taarabt to Loftus Road but it has not all been plain sailing.

“He didn’t frustrate me, he made me happy,” Jol said.

“But I can imagine Neil will be frustrated if he keeps on doing the same things.

“He has varied his game now. He’s playing one-touch, two-touch and he’s getting better and better. He’s one of the best No.10s around.”

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The picture is not from the source.

DANNY MURPHY fears Fulham could be sunk tomorrow by a player he wanted at Craven Cottage.

QPR’s star midfielder Adel Taarabt was a team-mate of Murphy during his spell at Tottenham five years ago.

The Moroccan had just arrived at White Hart Lane and Murphy was so impressed he later tried to get ex-boss Roy Hodgson to sign him for Fulham.

Instead Taarabt ended up at QPR, where he scored 19 goals in his first season.

“He had a superb temperament,” Murphy said. “If he got kicked he never moaned. 

“He had a strong mentality and he’s reaping his rewards now, so he’s probably destined for bigger and better things.
“We’ve got to deal with him on Sunday, so we’ll have to be careful.”

Fulham could bring back Bobby Zamora for the visit of QPR with two-goal Europa League hero Andy Johnson potentially dropping out.

But Murphy is hoping Johnson will shake off any disappointment and sign a new long-term deal.

Neil Warnock lift for Adel Taarabt

ADEL TAARABT has been reassured he is still QPR's main man.

The Moroccan maestro led Rangers to the Championship title last term.
But new signing Joey Barton was immediately given the captain's armband and the club's glut of other big-name arrivals have also pushed Taarabt out of the limelight.
Hoops boss Neil Warnock insists, though, temperamental Taarabt, 22, remains his team's star player.
Warnock, whose side face west London neighbours Fulham tomorrow, said: "Adel's been the main man. He is our shining light and has been instrumental to where we are now.
"He's played well this season. Having the other players in has given him a lift because he is just concentrating on playing. I think you can see how hard he is trying."
Ex-Spurs ace Taarabt missed out on a big-money move to Paris St-Germain when it broke down in the summer. Warnock added: "The ability that Adel has got is not in question.
"He's got to put the other part into his game and is trying hard to do that. I've said to him if you look at the top clubs like Barcelona, all the players work their socks off.
"I don't think he is thinking about his next move — not now. I think he just wants to play well and keep his position in the team. He is a lovely lad, trains hard — that's how he is."
Warnock last night slammed Manchester City bad-boy Carlos Tevez and said: "He's done himself a load of harm.
"There are many English and foreign players who kiss the badge when really all they are bothered about is how much they take home at the end of the day.
"I think the sooner he leaves the country the better."

Arsenal Plan £12m January Bid for QPR Playmaker Adel Taarabt

Arsene Wenger will reportedly attempt to lure Qpr youngster Adel Taarabt into a move from West to North London this January. The Arsenal boss is looking for further creative midfield options having lost Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas in the summer and has earmarked a move for the Moroccan

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Sevilla see QPR ace Taarabt as ideal Negredo partner

Sevilla are ling up a January move for QPR attacking midfielder Adel Taarabt.
Diario de Seville says Sevilla coach Marcelino wants to pair Taarabt in attack with in-form centre-forward Alvaro Negredo.
Taarabt is demanding new contract talks at QPR, which have been shot down by manager Neil Warnock. The midfielder has also lost the captaincy this season to former Newcastle United midfielder Joey Barton.
Sevilla's pursuit of Taarabt may end their plans to prise Giovani dos Santos away from Tottenham.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

QPR facing month without star man Taarabt

Adel Taarabt in action for QPR against Bolton

QPR manager Neil Warnock could lose star midfielder Adel Taarabt for a crucial month in January as Morocco want him back in their squad.
The temperamental 22-year-old walked out on his country after an African Cup of Nations qualifier in June after being asked to be a substitute and he vowed never to return to the side under manager Eric Gerets.
But, with Morocco top of their group and nearing qualification for the finals, Gerets has named the talented forward in his preliminary squad to face Tanzania in October.
"I could not kill Taarabt's international career and that is why I have called him back into the squad but we have still not addressed the issue," Gerets said.
"He is young and I hope he has the right reaction. When I was young I also made crazy decisions so I will definitely not close the door on him.
"I really love him because he creates a good environment but I want to talk to him and he has to grow."
Neil Warnock recently revealed his joy that Fabio Capello was continuing to overlook Joey Barton for England duty and losing Taraabt for what could be up to six weeks will come as a blow to the R's.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Gerets wants Taarabt talks

Moroccan coach wants meeting with QPR star

Image text here

Moroccan coach Eric Gerets insists he is yet to patch up his differences with Queens Park Rangers ace Adel Taarabt.
Taarabt fell out with Gerets earlier this year and walked out of the squad, insisting he would not play for them again under the Belgian.
Now Gerets has included him in his squad for their Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against Tanzania next month.
But despite this Gerets says he still needs to talk things over with the QPR star.
"It has not been sorted out so far. I want him to know he did a huge stupid thing," Gerets toldFranceFootball.
"He is very young, and I can't kill his international career. When I was young, I did blunders too. I don't definitely close the door, he will come back.
"Moreover, I like him. He is a clown, putting good atmosphere in the group. You need boys like that, and considering his talent, I am keen to talk with him and his agent."

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Morocco call up Taarabt for preliminary squad

QPR and Morocco's Adel Taarabt

Morocco coach Eric Gerets has named controversial midfielder Adel Taarabt in his preliminary squad for their 2012 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against Tanzania.
Taarabt walked out on the Atlas Lions squad in June ahead of their qualifier against Algeria.
It is not clear whether the QPR star will honour the call up for the game in Marrakech on 9 October.
Taarabt was a key factor in QPR's promotion to the Premier League, being named the Championship player of the year.
He has had problems with the Moroccan team before, reacting badly when forced to start last October's 2012 Nations Cup qualifier against Tanzania on the bench.
Having played for France at youth level, Taarabt made his debut for the land of his birth in 2009.
Morocco were already without freescoring Ajax Amsterdam striker Mounir al-Hamdoui for the spicy Algeria clash, with the Atlas Lions keen to avenge their 1-0 defeat in Annaba in March.
Morocco are top of Group D with eight points and an emphatic victory over Tanzania will seal their place at next year's tournament in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.
Morocco Preliminary squad:
Ismail Aissati (Ajax, Netherlands), Ahmed Ajedou (Wydad Casablanca), Jamal Alioui (Al Kharityath, Qatar), Nordin Amrabat (Kayserispor. Turkey), Ossama Assaidi (Heerenveen, Netherlands), Aissam Badda (FUS Rabat), Micahael Basser (Buraspor, Turkey), Younes Belhanda (Montpellier, France), Mohamed Berrabeh (Wydad Casablanca), Mbark Boussoufa (Anzhi Makhachkala, Russia), Rachid Bourabia (Mons, Belgium), Kamal Chafni (Auxerre, France), Marouane Chamakh (Arsenal, England) Mohammed Chihani (Al Arabi, Qatar), Adil Chihi (Cologne, Germany), Nabil Dirar (Club Brugge, Belgium), Larim El Ahmadi Aroussi (Feyenoord, Netherlands), Youssef El Arabi (Al Hilal, Saudi Arabia), Mounir El Hamdaoui (Ajax, Netherlands), Mostapha El Kabir (Cagliari, Italy), Badr El Kaddouri (Celtic, Scotland), Abdelhamid El Kaoutari (Montpellier, France) Ayoub El Khaliqi (Wydad Casablanca), Mehdi El Moutaqui (Udinese, Italy) Youssouf Hadji (Rennes, France), Houssine Kharja (Fiorentina, Italy), Oussama Laghrib (FUS Rabat), Nadir Lamyaghri (Wydad Casablanca), Ahmed Mohamadina (Olympic Khouribga), Mustapha Mrani (MAS), Youssef Rabeh (Wydad Casablanca), Fatah Said (Wydad Casablanca), Rachid Soulaimani (Raja Casablanca), Adel Taarabt (QPR, England)

Friday, 23 September 2011

Warnock: QPR star is proving his critics wrong

Queens Park Rangers' and Hull City's

Neil Warnock believes Adel Taarabt is beginning to prove his critics wrong this season.
QPR’s Morocco international made an indifferent start to the campaign after missing out on a move to French side Paris St Germain during the summer, and his sluggish displays against Bolton and Everton in the opening weeks of the season led to questions over the midfielder’s desire and fitness.
Warnock relieved Taarabt of the captaincy, handing the armband to new signing Joey Barton, but Taarabt’s impressive reponse off the field, coupled with lively performances against Newcastle and Wolves have delighted the Rs boss.
“I think he’s answered everybody, not just in matches, but in training as well, from day one he’s been excited,” said Warnock.
“He has responded really well to Joey, I thought they might clash, I’m sure they will at some stage, but Adel’s responded, I think he’s been delighted to get someone like that playing with him.
“Last season, he was a star name in his own eyes, and in the media’s eyes. But from a manager’s eyes, Paddy Kenny, [Shaun] Derry, [Alejandro] Faurlin and [Heidar] Helguson were just as important.
“We got promotion from being a team, Adel was like the icing on the cake. This year I don’t think we’ve got any individuals, I think Adel’s fitting into the system the way we want to play.”